Opening Times

The Kids Camp Bilingual Primary School is open daily from 7.30 am until 5.00 pm. The lessons start at 8.30 am and end at 3.30 pm. Weekly there are 30 hours of lessons assigned. That is about 8 hours more than in a regular school.

The lessons in the morning last for 45 minutes. In the afternoon the subjects are assigned to literature/theatre, art, sports and music e.g. in 60-minutes-lessons.

The primary school is closed over the Christmas period as well as for two weeks in the summer which is particularly good for working parents. In other holiday times no lessons take place, instead an interesting holiday program is offered. The holiday program is included in the school fees.


2019/2020 - Update 03/05/2020

Holiday and Event Planner 2019/2020 (PDF)

Holiday and Event Planner 2020/2021 (PDF)

Exemplary Holiday Programme (PDF)

Day Plan (PDF)