The syllabus (curriculum) based on the "Framework for primary schools of the state of Hessen". It represents an updated and expanded form, which from the 1st class in addition to the English-teaching and lots of new content and topics, including computer classes, literature/theatre and communications.

With its bilingual orientation the curriculum offers all children the possibility of learning an additional language besides their mother tongue from 1st class. The proportion of the two languages German and English is 50% each.

In the school lessons we work with the so-called Immersion Method, which makes it easy for the children to learn the second language fast and without problems.

There is support in small groups, individual lessons with an Assistant Teacher as well as additional support during the homework time.

There is a pre-school affiliated to the primary school which is recommendable particularly for the children who didn't have contact to the English and/or German language till now. 

Download exemplary time table 1st Grade (PDF)

Download daily schedule (PDF)