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School Year 2018/19


Also since June 2014 in Schneidhain!

Kids Camp Bilinguale Nursery School in Schneidhain
Am Erdbeerstein 10a
61462 Königstein im Taunus

  • Bilingual right from the start (German/English)
  • Small facility with 4 groups of 10 to 12 children each
  • Caring and individual supervision with 2 to 3 nursery school teachers per group
  • Play and discover, understand and try it out

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Favourite Book

Dear Mr. Blueberry

by Simon James

It is vacation time, so Emily has to write to her teacher for help. "Dear Mr. Blueberry, I love whales very much and I think I saw one in my pond today. Please send me some information on whales."

Mr. Blueberry answers at once, pointing out that whales live in salt water, not in ponds, so it can't be a whale. But Emily believes in her whale and replies that she is putting salt into the pond every day before breakfast and that she has seen the whale smile. After several letters, Mr. Blueberry explains more forcibly that a whale cannot live in Emily's pond and that whales are migratory. Emily then reports that her whale has at last become migratory again because of Mr. Blueberry's letter and has left the pond. She is sad. But in her last letter, she has a happy surprise to tell Mr. Blueberry, and all is well.

Emily's very real concern for her whale comes through most convincingly in this delightfully imaginative, childlike text. Children everywhere will sympathize with Emily, and, like her, will learn some basic facts about these great creatures from Mr. Blueberry's letters. Simon James's full-color illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to this unusual book that gives small children a gentle introduction to the world of nature.