The classic role allocation of the last decades becomes more and more indistinct. The employment of women continuously rises. They more frequently take qualified positions after Job training and studies in companies. For many of these women it means making a decision for family planning or a job career. After the decision for a child the family faces the following facts:

  • After maternity leave the majority of mothers think about getting back to work after a year.
  • The amount of full time kindergartens for all age groups doesn't meet the requirements to this day.
  • Only approx. 5% of children under 3 years of age find a space.
  • Most of the times Private/individual child care is hard to organize.
  • Parents look for high-quality child care.
  • Employers seldom have the possibility to give parents the flexible working times they need.

There are also the discussions, which concern pre-schools and nursery schools, about the quality of the educational system in Germany in the early learning period. At the same time, the demand for facilities that offer a bilingual education from earliest childhood is growing. Only about 1% of all nursery school facilities in Germany offer bilingual concepts.

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